Amaran 150C RGB LED Monolight: Get Creative with Lighting at B&H Photo Video!

amaran 150c RGB LED Monolight AP30010A10 B&H Photo Video

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Amaran 150c RGB LED Monolight

The Amaran 150c RGB LED Monolight is a revolutionary piece of light technology that takes portable lighting to the next level. The Amaran 150c RGB LED Monolight is a perfect solution for consumers and professionals who need a reliable and dependable lighting system for on-location shoots. It features a precise color temperature range of 5500-9900K, a bright output of 5600 Lux/50cm, and a wide beam angle of 120°. This monolight comes with adjustable settings of variable light spread, with dimmer knob to control the amount of light. It is also equipped with a built-in filter wheel for creating colored effects, built-in effects and other creative options.

Key Features

The Amaran 150c RGB LED Monolight is an efficient and versatile light source that comes with several features. It has a LED light source that is safe for use with many types of camera systems, and uses no external reflect effect. This makes it ideal for use in any environment. It is also equipped with a high color consistency in both the sunlight and studio environment with a CRI value of 95-97 and a TLCI value of 96. Additionally, users can adjust the color temperature and power of the light remotely from the camera, making the light easy to control. Finally, it has an operational time of up to 100,000 hours, meaning it can provide a reliable source of lighting for years to come.

What’s Included

The Amaran 150c RGB LED Monolight comes with several essential accessories. These include an AP30010A10 adapter, a carry bag, a light stand and a remote control. Additionally, the package includes a wide range of modifiers and gels, plus a carry pouch and a user manual.


The Amaran 150c RGB LED Monolight is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a dependable and powerful light source. It is highly efficient, with adjustable color temperature settings and dimmer knobs for greater control. It is also versatile, with built-in filters and gels for adding a range of creative effects. Plus, it comes with a range of essential accessories and an unbeatable 100,000-hour operational life. All these features make this monolight an essential addition for any serious photographers tool-kit.

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