AlphaTheta Unveils Exciting New Product Lineup and Branding at NAMM

Pioneer DJ Parent Company AlphaTheta Announces New Products and Branding at NAMM

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AlphaTheta Announces New Products and Branding at NAMM

Pioneer DJ parent company AlphaTheta has made a big splash at NAMM 2022, with the announcement of several new products and a refreshed branding strategy.

New Products

Among the new products announced by AlphaTheta are the flagship DJ mixer, the DJM-V10-LF, and the CDJ-3000-W White Special Edition. These new products showcase the company’s commitment to innovation and quality in the DJ equipment market.

Branding Revamp

AlphaTheta has also unveiled a new branding strategy, including a redesigned logo and a modernized visual identity. This rebranding effort aims to position the company as a leader in the industry and appeal to a wider audience of music enthusiasts.

Focus on Innovation

The company’s CEO has emphasized the importance of innovation in the development of these new products and the rebranding efforts. AlphaTheta aims to continue pushing the boundaries of technology and design in the DJ equipment market.

Positive Reception

The new products and branding have been well-received by industry professionals and music enthusiasts alike. The company’s presence at NAMM has generated a lot of buzz and excitement for the future of AlphaTheta.

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