Advanced Cinematic Experience with Sony FX30 Digital Cinema Camera

Sony FX30 Digital Cinema Camera with XLR Handle Unit ILME-FX30

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Sony FX30 Digital Cinema Camera with XLR Handle Unit ILME-FX30

The Sony FX30 Digital Cinema Camera is a great choice for professional filmmakers. Combining exceptional performance with a smaller body and payload, this camera allows filmmakers to easily capture beautiful images and turn them into stunning films. The camera features a Super35mm 4K image sensor, capable of capturing 4K video at up to 30fps and full HD video at up to 60fps. With dual ISO settings, the camera is capable of producing low-light images that are detailed and noise-free. Additionally, the camera has a wide dynamic range and true-to-life colors for a truly cinematic look. The Sony FX30 has also been upgraded with the ILME-FX30 XLR Handle Unit, making it easier than ever to capture audio with the camera.

The ILME-FX30 XLR Handle Unit provides robust audio connectivity to the camera. The handle unit comes with dual balanced XLR inputs and a monitor output, making it easy for filmmakers to capture professional-level audio. The monitor output can be used to monitor the audio signal directly from the camera, or to feed a separate line signal to external recording devices.The handle unit is ergonomically designed for comfortable operation and has dedicated buttons for audio levels, mic current and headphone levels. Additionally, the handle unit is powered by the camera, eliminating the need for any extra batteries or power cables.

The Sony FX30 is a great tool for professional filmmakers. Its combination of features and performance make it an ideal choice for independent filmmakers or those working on larger projects. The addition of the ILME-FX30 XLR Handle Unit makes it even better, providing easy access to professional-level audio when working with the camera. With the Sony FX30 and ILME-FX30, filmmakers can produce beautiful images and turn them into stunning films.

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