AAXA Brings Unparalleled Color to Market with New Portable LED Projector

AAXA Releases a New Portable Projector with RGB LEDs for Vivid Color

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AAXA Technologies Releases New Portable LED Projector

More Vivid and Colorful Experience for Home, Office, or On-the-go Application

AAXA Technologies is proud to announce the release of its latest in line of pico projectors, the AAXA SL1. Incorporating RGB LEDs for more powerful colors, the SL1 is designed to provide users with an enhanced viewing experience whether they’re in the comfort of their own home, in the office, or on-the-go.

The SL1 features a maximum 200-lumen LED light engine, which is capable of producing vivid images with sharp contrast and vibrant colors. This is in part thanks to the SL1’s integration of RGB LEDs, which provide users with a noticeably wider color palette than traditional pico projectors. Additionally, the SL1’s double-stacked optics provide users with improved clarity and brightness.

0.3 Throw Ratio Enhances Versatility and Portability

The SL1 has been designed with portability in mind, boasting a 0.3 throw ratio and a weight of only 0.85 lbs. This makes it one of the most compact projectors on the market, an ideal fit for mobile setups. Additionally, the SL1’s 0.3 throw ratio allows it to easily display large images in tight spaces, giving users maximum flexibility.

Full Connectivity Ensures Integrations with a Variety of Device

In addition to its enhanced visual performance, the SL1 also offers full-connectivity with USB, HDMI, mini-VGA, 3.5mm audio, and microSD card slots. This ensures that the projector is capable of integrating with almost any mobile device, PC, or streaming device. The SL1 features a built-in 1W speaker, however an external audio-out port is available for those who need more powerful sound.


The AAXA SL1 is sure to be a hit with consumers looking for a portable projector with brilliant color. Its enhanced portability, full connectivity, and powerful visual performance make it a great choice for on-the-go applications or for permanent installation.

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