A Comprehensive Review: Testing Every Entry-Level ZEISS Cine Lens

Testing (Almost) Every Entry-Level ZEISS Cine Lens

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Testing (Almost) Every Entry-Level ZEISS Cine Lens

ZEISS has long been known for the extreme quality of its lenses. And now they have entered the cinema lenses market with their entry-level range, offering several exciting alternatives to traditional cinema lens choices. We wanted to see how these lenses stacked up in a side by side comparison with other popular entry-level cine lenses. So we decided to put (almost) every entry-level ZEISS cine lens to the test.

Assessing Build Quality

The first thing we noticed about the ZEISS lenses was the superior build quality when compared to other entry-level lenses. All the lenses feel solid and well constructed. The lenses come standard with rubber gaskets and protective caps, adding extra protection from dust and moisture. All of the lenses feature a clickless aperture ring, allowing for smooth, precise iris movements.

Image Quality

We were surprised by how well the images from the ZEISS lenses held up, especially at low light levels. The lenses produce very sharp images, with little to no chromatic aberration or vignetting. The lack of lens breathing is also impressive, making the lenses suitable for a wide range of applications.

Value and Price

Considering the outstanding build and image quality, the ZEISS lenses are quite reasonably priced. The entry-level lenses start at around $3,000, which is comparable to some of the other popular entry-level cine lenses. They also offer a more expensive range of lenses, for those who want the ultimate in cine optics.


Overall, the entry-level ZEISS cine lenses are an excellent choice for filmmakers. They are well built, produce excellent images, and are relatively affordable. We were pleased with the results and would highly recommend them to any filmmaker looking for an entry-level cine lens.

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