A Comprehensive Guide to Matte Boxes for Filmmakers

Guide to Matte Boxes | B&H eXplora

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Guide to Matte Boxes

Matte boxes are a critical tool in cinematography that offer protection to the lens. They are used to block and reduce the amount of light that can reach the lens from the sides and top, and improve the contrast ratio between light and dark elements on film. Matte boxes are also used for more creative film-making, such as framing your shots creatively and using various types of filters and flags. B&H eXplora offers an expansive selection of matte boxes from a wide variety of brands and models. This guide will help you decide which B&H matte box to use for your filmmaking.

Types of Matte Boxes

There are two main types of matte boxes available from B&H: Filter Tray Matte Boxes and Side-Opening Matte Boxes. Filter Tray Matte Boxes are typically designed for larger lenses, and their filter trays are placed on the front of the matte box. Meanwhile, Side-Opening Matte Boxes offer a cage and bellows system, and the filter trays are opened from the side of the matte box.

Features to Consider

When selecting a matte box, it’s important to consider the features and design that best suit your needs. Some matte boxes include adjustable flags that can block incoming light and reduce reflections on the lens. They can also be used to adjust the exposure ratio between the shadows and highlights in your image. Additionally, some matte boxes have rotating stages, which allow you to quickly rotate filters and flags without having to re-assemble the matte box every time. Some matte boxes also include an adjustable height feature, allowing you to position the matte box higher or lower depending on the size of your lens and the desired field of view.

Modern Matte Box Options

B&H eXplora offers a wide range of modern matte boxes with advanced features. Many of these matte boxes are lightweight but also sturdy and hardy, allowing for use in a wide variety of conditions. Many of the matte boxes also have a variety of mounting options and can be fitted to almost any camera system. Be sure to read the product descriptions from B&H fully to make sure that the matte box you are considering matches your camera system.


B&H eXplora has an impressive selection of matte boxes for any cinematographer. Whether you are looking for a basic matte box for everyday use, or a more advanced matte box with higher-end features, B&H is sure to have a matte box that fits your needs. Be sure to carefully read the product descriptions for details about the features and capabilities of the matte box you are considering.

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