A Complete Guide to Buying Super-Telephoto Lenses

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Super-Telephoto Lens Buying Guide

The Super-Telephoto lens is an accessory that is becoming increasingly popular among passionate photographers and videographers alike. It is used to create stunningly detailed images and videos in situations where normal lenses would fall short. But with so many options on the market, where do you start when looking for the perfect Super-Telephoto lens? B&H eXplora’s Super-Telephoto Lens Buying Guide is here to provide you with the answers you need!

Before buying, take some time to decide what you want out of your Super-Telephoto lens. Your decision should be based on your budget, desired features, and the types of images you want to achieve. Consider the type of lens mount you need, the focal length you should go for, the maximum aperture (measured in f-numbers or f-stops), and the image stabilization technology.

Types of Super-Telephoto Lenses

You may find that you need a specific type of Super-Telephoto lens depending on what you want to photograph. For instance, sports and wildlife photographers might opt for a telephoto zoom lens with a super-wide maximum aperture for faster capture in low light. An indoor or outdoor photographer might benefit from an ultra-telephoto lens that can capture distant subjects. Finally, a macro photographer might benefit from a telephoto lens with a 1:1 reproduction ratio, allowing your subject to be captured at life size.

Image Stabilization

Often overlooked, image stabilization is an essential feature to look out for in any Super-Telephoto lens. It helps reduce shake, a common issue with long focal lengths, and allows the photographer or cinematographer to capture crisp, clear images on the go. Better image stabilization also increases the versatility of the lens — it allows you to take handheld shots in low light or capture handheld video. Look for lenses with optical image stabilization mechanisms or built-in stabilizers to get the most out of your lens.


The perfect Super-Telephoto lens for your needs does exist, but you must research your options thoroughly. Thankfully, the Super-Telephoto Lens Buying Guide from B&H eXplora can provide you with useful insight and advice, allowing you to narrow down your choices to the right lens for you.

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