A Closer Look at Canon’s EOS C500 Mark II 5.9K Full-Frame Camera Body 3794C002

Canon EOS C500 Mark II 5.9K Full-Frame Camera Body 3794C002 B&H

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Canon EOS C500 Mark II – A High-End Full-Frame Camera Solution

Introducing the Canon EOS C500 Mark II 5.9K Full-Frame Camera Body 3794C002. This camera forms the centerpiece of the Canon EOS C500 Mark II series, a light-weight, highly capable, modular video camera system perfect for professional production. Designed to provide the ultimate in creative control, this camera is an excellent choice for cinematographers needing cutting-edge tools and technology.

Unlock Your Creative Potential with the C500 Mark II. This version of the C500 Mark II features a Super 35 5.9K full frame CMOS optical sensor with an effective resolution of up to 5.9K, and compatibility with both EF (for Canon lenses) and PL (for other lenses). With a wide dynamic range of 16+ stops of latitude, you can be sure of capturing accurate and vivid tones in any lighting condition, making this an incredibly versatile offering. Additionally, the camera supports up to 50 fps and UHD 4K recording, allowing you to capture smooth, high resolution broadcasts.

Work Effortlessly with Reliable Design. Canon has designed the EOS C500 Mark II to be resilient even when used in the most demanding shooting environments. The camera body is constructed from high-grade metal alloys for durability, while its low-profile body makes it easy to use in even the most confined spaces. Not only this, but the camera has built-in neutral density and vari-angle LCD screen for improved usability in outdoor or bright environments.

Powerful Image Quality and Production. Whether working on commercials, TV shows, or independent films, the Canon EOS C500 Mark II 5.9K Full-Frame Camera Body 3794C002 is a great choice. It features Canon Dual Pixel Autofocus for precise focus control, lowlight recording, diagonal recording, and supports a number of recording formats such as DCI 4K/XF-AVC, ProRes, and RAW. Sleek, sophisticated, and versatile, this is a reliable and high quality video camera.

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