A Bright New Way to Light the Stage: Amaran PT4c RGB LED Pixel Tube Light Kit

amaran PT4c RGB LED Pixel Tube Light (4', 2-Light Production Kit)

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Amaran PT4C RGB LED Pixel Tube Light (4′, 2-Light Production Kit)

The Amaran PT4c RGB LED Pixel Tube Light is an all-in-one production kit for a powerful and colorful lighting system. It combines two powerful RGB LED tubes, each capable of generating more than 800 lumens of light, and four mounting brackets for fast and easy setup. With its 4-foot reach, this lighting kit offers total coverage of any set.

As well as being easy to install, the Amaran PT4c RGB offers a wealth of creative options. It has 16 dimmable settings and a range of color temperatures for fine tuning and experimentation. Plus, with its built-in pixel mapping feature, you can create intricate patterns of light the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

For ultimate flexibility, the Amaran PT4c RGB provides the convenience of remote control and DMX control. This allows you to control your lighting system from anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for live broadcasts, remote commercials, and live-streamed events.

The Amaran PT4c RGB is designed for professional use. It has a robust casing and a sturdy construction for optimum durability. Plus, its energy-efficient bulbs and low-heat output help ensure a low environmental impact.

For all your professional lighting needs, the Amaran PT4c RGB LED Pixel Tube Light is a reliable and powerful production kit. With its impressive range of features and easy setup, you can create breathtaking effects and amazing visuals with maximum ease.

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