5 Tips for Smart Minimalist Travel From Siya Zarrabi

Minimalist Travel Production: Siya Zarrabi's 5 Tips

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Minimalist Travel Production: Siya Zarrabi’s 5 Tips

Lighten your load with these helpful tips. Freelance videographer, Siya Zarrabi, has travelled the world using nothing but his camera, a laptop and a few essential items. Here are his top 5 tips on travelling with minimalist production:

Choose Minimalist Gear

Don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Siya advises choosing high-quality gear that’s lightweight and that can withstand the elements. Depending on the assignment, you’ll likely need a camera, lenses, memory cards, external hard drives and batteries. When choosing from different types of equipment, consider the portability of each piece.

Organization is Key

Go from chaos to control. Staying organized is the best way to streamline production. Siya maintains a strict schedule and a detailed list of all his gear. He then arranges his backpack and production cases according to place and activity. This ensures the items he needs are always readily accessible.

Be Prepared for Anything

Always have a backup plan. Despite your best preparations, Murphy’s law applies here. If something breaks down or gets lost, inevitable problems will eventually arise. To avoid any major hiccups, Siya suggests travelling with an extensive car kit, spare cables, and power adapters.

Prioritize Editing

Time is of the essence. Traveling with a laptop allows you to quickly edit footage and deliver products on-site. While on-location, Siya makes sure to edit some of the footage immediately and then gives detailed feedback to his team on what needs to be changed. This way, his team can hit the ground running once he is gone.

Stay Connected

Leverage the power of the internet. Keeping in touch with trusted crew members and clients is essential for any kind of production. Siya leverages the power of online communication to stay connected. He sets up video calls to get feedback, answer questions, and to give timely updates on the production.

In conclusion, travelling with minimalist production is possible if you take the proper precautions. Siya’s advice is to be mindful of the gear you choose, remain organized, be prepared for anything, prioritize editing, and stay connected. When done right, minimalist travel production can yield great results with minimal effort.

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