2023 TV Lineup from Hisense Unveiled at CES

Hisense Unveils Its 2023 TV Lineup at CES

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Hisense Unveils Its 2023 TV Lineup at CES

Hisense is one of the leading names in television technology, and the brand has unveiled its lineup of 2023 televisions at CES. The lineup includes models with Quantum Dot 4K HDR and 8K HDR technologies, as well as the new ULED Quantum Dot Supreme, which promises to offer the best picture quality yet. The lineup also includes smart TVs with the Hisense VIDAA U5 operating system and built-in voice control.

The ULED Quantum Dot Supreme marks the brand’s latest effort to take picture quality to the next level. It features a new backlight with more local dimming zones, and a new 12-bit processor, which can convert standard 8-bit content into more immersive 12-bit visuals. It also features quantum dots, which offer a wider range of colors for more lifelike images.

Hisense has also unveiled a range of new Quantum Dot 4K HDR models. These are designed to provide the best picture quality of any 4K TV yet, with improved black levels, shadow detail, and a wider color palette. All models feature Hisense’s patented Black Boost and Perfect Picture technologies for better color accuracy and image clarity.

The lineup also includes models with 8K HDR technology, the highest resolution available in TVs. 8K HDR offers 8K resolution with intense bright colors and local dimming. It also provides wider viewing angles and smoother motion for a more immersive viewing experience.

All of Hisense’s 2023 TVs feature the advanced Hisense VIDAA U5 operating system. This system provides a number of features, such as access to streaming services, voice control, and universal search. The system is also easy to use, making it quick and simple to find the content you want.

Hisense has also added built-in voice control on its smart TVs. With its range of voice assistants, you can control your TV with just your voice. The TVs come with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, giving you the freedom to choose the voice assistant that best suits your needs.

Hisense’s 2023 lineup is sure to impress, with its wide array of features and its promise of the best picture quality yet. With its Quantum Dot 4K HDR and 8K HDR, ULED Quantum Dot Supreme, and voice control, Hisense is setting new standards for television technology

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