2023: Top Picks for LED Lights and Modifiers That Are Making a Splash

New and Notable LED Lights and Modifiers of 2023

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New and Notable LED Lights and Modifiers of 2023

LED lighting is the optimal choice for most video projects. As the video industry continues to grow, so does the wide variety of LED lights and modifiers available for filmmakers to experiment with. From RGB light panels to broadcast-quality Fresnel lights, LED technology is becoming increasingly reliable and cost-effective compared to other lighting sources. In this article, we’ll explore some of the new and notable LED lights and modifiers of 2023.

LightStorm LS C150-RGB

The LightStorm LS C150-RGB is an RGB color changing LED light with barn doors. This bright 150W light panel, with dimming capabilities ranging from 0-100% brightness, is fully adjustable and color-accurate, making it perfect for color-critical film work. Its output is rated at up to 33,600 lux at 3 feet, and it has a CRI value of 97+. The LightStorm LS C150-RGB comes with a Diffusion Filter and barn doors for complete control over flare and spread.

Highlights Softbox

The Highlights Softbox is a collapsible silicon-coated light modifier. This lightweight and portable LED modifier makes extremely even lighting possible, perfect for fashion photography or videography. Its single-layer diffusion material softens the light while still maintaining a flat fall-off, which eliminates hard shadows. The Highlights Softbox is available in a wide range of sizes, from 12” to 48”, in both round and square variants.

Large-Format LED Fresnel

The Large-Format LED Fresnel is a broadcast-quality LED light fixture. This dual-knob variable LED Fresnel can emit up to 75,000 lumens of brightness with a CCT range of 2,700K to 6,500K. Its wide color temperature range and 90-degree adjustable beam angle make it perfect for studio lighting and broadcasting. This professional-grade LED Fresnel can sense ambient light and adjust its output accordingly, making it ideal for on-location shooting.

RGB-CTO-L 2000 LED Strip Lights

The RGB-CTO-L 2000 LED Strip Lights are perfect for set or stage lighting. These 200-watt RGBW LED strips can be custom-bent to fit any situation, and have a wide color temperature range of 2,400K to 10,000K for full chromatic control. With dimming values of 0-100%, it’s possible to create any kind of nuanced lighting needed for feature films, television, and beyond. The RGB-CTO-L 2000 LED Strip Lights are easy to control with their own dedicated control unit, compatible with both wired and wireless DMX.


These are just a few of the LED lights and modifiers available in 2023. With their cost-effectiveness and reliable performance, LED lighting and modifiers offer filmmakers an array of options for creating stunning visuals.

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